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time to leave again.

however, slightly hopeful at the prospect that i might get to return here soon for a longer period of time..

Making out

where should u stop? when should you stop? how should you stop?

so many things to think about when you don't want to think about them.

not so evil post


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I haven't been evil in a while.. it'll probably come back soon

bitches and whiners

i can't stand people with poor work attitudes. and who are damn lucky not to be caught by anyone for being lazy. and slacking. there's this stupid bitch at work who flirts with all the guys, is nice to people when she needs help, did all her work wrong and am now getting paid normally to rectify her mistakes, takes leave often, and sleeps at work all the time. No initiative, lazy.. the list could go on. why can't they just sack her and spare us the agony of seeing her everyday?! she had the audacity to write herself as being on time but was actually >15 min late to work and the team leader actually know that she was late for so long lor.. dumb bitch..

n-Gage Disturbance

haven't some people heard of head phones? its wat u wear to keep ur music to yourself!! this idiot today on the bus switiched on his radio on his n-gage phone, full blasted it, and basically forced the whole bus to listen to his music. the music was noisy (full of static and too loud for comfort.. ) and he was singing to it. my god. wanted to slap this asshole but the aunty next to me was blocking and could only plug my earphones into my ears to shut out the menace. after he got off the bus, it turns out he lives in my estate. BAKA!!! i think i recognise him as the poser who suntans downstairs in a tiny pair of trunks. disgusting.

Kiasu Asses

haiz. sorry to say.. graduation ceremonies bring out the worst in everyone. especially the parents who are so happy that their children have finally worn the square hat that they just can't get enuff of photos of their kids in the blue gown. today.. some idiotic parents totally pissed me off. wanted to take a photo of hp's whole marketing group, and there were like this whole throng of parents in front taking the photos. and the thing was they didn't think one pict of the group was enuff. they took 10 and refused to move away to let pple behind take. knn.. was almost going to wack the lady next to me on her head with my camera for always blocking me with her fat elbow. shitty pple.. so inconsiderate. seeing they were all aunties and uncles, i felt that it was a little rude to shove my way in, but they should have been more zidong lor.. take one pict and bugger off!! in the end only ended up with hp's one shot among the faces. :S so sad.

whiny piece of shit

hallo... U'RE 19!! not 10. STOP WHINING, and asking ur bf to tell u bedtime stories.. u not paiseh, we also paiseh for ur boyfren. he made a promise, u should help him honour it and not make things difficult for him. WHINING AND WHINGING makes me feel like slapping you myself. i would if not to give face to ur bf and mine. u better be careful the next time i see u.

Are u Sure u're An OCiFer?

walked last friday the Asian Aerospace exhibition with boi boi and it was scorchingly hot. there was a typhoon exhibit right at the back in the middle of the static display airfield. prolly everyone tot it was a movie or something, cos it looked like a simulator ride from the outside. aniway, we made our way there under the disgusting sun only to be stuck outside the door, unable to enjoy the aircon inside. Not becos there was a queue. becos there were these inconsiderate uniformed officers of the singapore army/navy/airforce who refused to move in for the pple behind, despite there being alot of space in there. i was glaring at them thru the glass and speaking a little louder but the pple in front were either deaf or dumb. how come they're allowed to wear the army uniforms when they're such retards? now.. normalli, i think men in uniform look realli smart, but their inconsiderate behaviour that day was realli a major turn-off. and they looked realli silly with their oakleys in the indoor area. hahahaha


today the same thing happened to me again and again. i kept having to walk behind PRC couples who walked damn slowly like they owned the whole road. they can't keep to the side and had to hug each other everywhere WHILE walking and block the whole passage way with their big butts. all the while talking realli loudly of course. wats with these pple? i'm trying to not be prejudiced but its a veri trying process. Why is our country being taken over by these pple? i hate them, i realli fucking hate them.



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